Education  --- Resource Information --- Mentoring --- Legal Assistance

We utilize a multi pronged approach  to reduce both primary incarceration and recidivism. We provide people with the means and tools to avoid incarceration.

Our Program

We have completed a comprehensive training program geared to assisting persons in coping with everyday life, bettering themselves financially and getting to know their legal rights. The program also contains a comprehensive database of federal, state, city and private resources which can provide educational, financial and legal assistance at no cost, or very little cost. We also  provide mentorship as these people transition from incarceration or are merely trying to transition into the workplace.

This program is taught to currently and formerly-incarcerated people who are trying to get back into the workforce and change their lives. We also provide programming in community settings by partnering with churches and other community-based organizations or service providers.

Currently, we run a 12-week program at Lee Arrendale State Prison for people who will be released in 90 days or less.

Our Curriculum

Our 12-week syllabus covers:

  • Writing a resume 

  • How to conduct job searches in your field of interest

  • Interviewing for a job

  • Passing online personality tests for potential employers

  • How to articulate a criminal background to an employer

  • Today's industry dress codes

  • Opportunities for tax credits for business owners when hiring formerly-incarcerated individuals

  • Health insurance for formerly-incarcerated individuals

  • Building confidence and playing to your strengths