Reverse the Cycle of Incarceration will provide self-sustainability through education, rehabilitation counseling, and community connections for people targeted and/or impacted by the criminal legal system to achieve employment development skills and financial independence. Reverse the Cycle of Incarceration works to educate, transform, empower, and strengthen our communities by decreasing the number of people under correction control and recidivism. 


Reverse the Cycle of Incarceration envisions a world where men and women, are no longer judged for their past. They are given an opportunity to become productive members of society, given the opportunity to become gainfully employed, whole and free from the system that holds them in bondage. To bring this vision into existence, we transform lives, that will rise above the system standards.


Reverse the Cycle of Incarceration is an organization led by experience not myth. We assert that public safety and a burgeoning economy is created by strong men, strong women and strong families who deserve a chance to succeed in an empowered society. Employment and self-sustainability empowers men, women and families to cultivate a life of worth. We value our  experiences and will use them as tools to ultimately reclaim our inherent power, cultivate a passion for justice, freedom and dignity, in order to regain our human rights.

Who We Are 

We are a group of committed individuals dedicated to reducing the draconian US prison population by providing education, mentoring and life resources to the disadvantaged. Most of the group are formerly incarcerated persons who have managed to rise above the many obstacles placed in their way and are now meaningful contributors to both the US society and economy.

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